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5 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier!

23 Nov 2017

Carmel De Rosario



These days there are apps for everything, from fitness, education, learning new languages, women’s health, entertainment, creating funny GIF’s or memes, you name it there’s an app for it. But then there are a few apps that revolutionize your whole life making it trouble-free and relaxed. Here are 5 of those apps…


1) Remote Mouse:


This app can be a real life saver especially in emergencies when you don’t have a mouse or keyboard. It is used to access files and browsers on your PC using your smart phone. This remote control is easy to use and very convenient and although there are in-app purchases the basic version is free. Available Operating Systems include iOS, Android and Windows.  


2) Truecaller:


 This helpful app that is absolutely free is superb and is perfect for those who can’t stand spammy calls.  Although this app needs access to your contacts, it compensates for interrupting your privacy by providing you with information about who makes calls to you. Of course they can provide you info about who is contacting you only if they have the record if the particular caller. This is a free Android, iOS and Windows app.


3) Dropbox: 


This incredible box can store all those extra files like pictures, videos and documents that you just don’t want taking up space on your phone and storing it in Dropbox. These files can then be accessed anytime with the minimum requirement of an internet connection. Now you can take how many selfies you want and it won’t say memory full!   


4) SoundHound:


This app is so simple yet so awesome! I know I struggle trying to remember the name of a song whose tune has been stuck in my head for days! SoundHound is perfect for the job, all I have to do is hum the song and find out its name. Another feature of this app is if there is a song playing and you would like to know what it’s called this app will come to your rescue! Using its AI, this app is able to follow commands using the activating phrase, “Ok, Hound” Playback songs, find lyrics, discover music and enjoy your musical journey with this app! Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry operating systems. 


5) SHAREit:


 This app is very handy especially if you like sharing or receiving apps as well as media and documents. Of course the person that is sending or receiving from you also has to have downloaded the app but is nevertheless, a very useful app. This app is also multipurpose as it has apps inside it including CLEANit, LISTENit, LOCKit, CLONEit and SHAREit Games. It is available on all Operating Systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry & Mac.   


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    23 Nov 2017 07:20 PM
    Sahil Raj

    All Apps are Amazing But 4th is Unknown and UnCommon. I Think No One Know about It.

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