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Facebook to introduce a new TV show & Video feature in mid-June!

09 Jun 2017

Carmel De Rosario



We all know that Facebook has everything, from posting, sharing, messaging, liking, and some more cool stuff. No one would deny its awesomeness, starting from the charming story behind its creation to the fact that its user base goes past only the younger generations to say even, your grandma.

So what are this month’s plans for Facebook?


Making an inescapable Video tab of course. People hired for this colossal plan include MTV Exec Mina Lefevre, who has worked in well-known TV shows like Teen Wolf. Mina has been chosen to provide the original creative content for this project, for both scripted and unscripted. The videos will be of two types- deluxe prime TV shows that are longer and small-budget, shorter programs.

Another major hire is none other than the co-founder of the hilarious website, CollegeHumor, Ricky Van Veen. Ricky, the Chief Creative Strategist, says, “I’ll be working with all types of creators and organizations to figure out how best to use the biggest network in the world to better connect people with engaging and meaningful content.”


Sources suggest that Facebook is obsessed with Snap chat and wants to tap into that market- the youth by making teen-based TV programs. Another feature that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pushing for is Sports. It seems there was a discussion with MLB to air one live baseball match every week on Facebook.

So from A-list actors to teenage dramas, we’re expecting nothing but the very best from Facebook’s new edit. We can’t wait to get this update!

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