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The Internet of Things

25 May 2017

Carmel De Rosario



Can you imagine your coffee machine telling you your caffeine intake, keeping it to a healthy amount, or public trashcans sensing when they are almost reaching the top with trash, decreasing over piling of garbage? 

Here is where the Internet of Things comes into play. IOT can loosely be termed as the interconnection of objects or gadgets communicating with each other using the internet.



In the latest years, it has become a trend for electronic companies and entrepreneurs to invest in creating IOT devices because the two-in-one factor that devices can bring fascinates everyone. This technological reformation brings a sense of a new type of living, where the devices and objects around us help us live life with a higher level of ease, comfort and security. Considering how close we are to our smart phones, building devices that are controlled and monitored using them will definitely be the first choice for many people.


Forecasts suggest that online devices by 2020 will amount to approx 25 billion, maybe more. For personal and home uses, the quality of life of people is bound to change with the growth of IOT products because life will no longer include having to do all your daily actions on your own but getting those things done for you ahead of time, helping you live effectively  saving time, energy and money.


Some of the fields IOT is breaking borders of are listed below.

Doesn’t it excite you we could eventually live in a high tech Star Wars-like world and all our devices will be connected to us in some way or the other. We are on the verge of revolutionary technological advancement, and joining the IOT team is definitely the way to go. As for ‘smart cities’, we can expect cool stuff like smart traffic signals, smart railway systems, smart water treatment and distribution systems, and more.  

Another fascinating thing to look forward to, Automotive transportation- ‘connected cars’-autopilot, or enabling the car to drive itself by simply pushing a button. Moreover, for public transport, enabling free Wi-Fi, security cameras, charging your phone free etc. in trains and buses is already a fact.

In health care, wearables like bracelets, that measure different body processes like blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, skin regulators, nutrition and fitness monitors, and other devices that measure a range of health factors.     


Imagine not having to set the water temperature of your shower but it automatically does so by itself, leaving you simply to switch on the button. Or monitoring your house alarm from your workplace ensuring that no break ins or fires or any other unexpected activities take place. Remote-controlling all the devices through your smart phone and programming them to suit your unique needs, in this way, creating ‘smart homes’ where all devices in the house are remote-controlled by smart phones or tabs. For example, your radio, coffee machine, doors, windows, lights and fans controlled automatically and when required. This is already a possibility and is now increasing its potentiality and adding newer and better features and functions.


So while we still drive our own cars and switch on our appliances by hand, let us not stop wondering about the incredible and impossible future that has already started thanks to IOT. We can either join the IOT revolution or stand on the sidelines. As for me, I will be the one controlling the world with my smart phone.

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