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What are the Benefits of Hiring Third Party Payroll companies?

31 Oct 2017

Carmel De Rosario



For many companies, especially small ones made up of 5 or less team members, struggling to manage all the administration and HR processes for employees can be a real nuisance. Gone are those tedious days! 

There is a new trend of hiring employees which is becoming super popular these days, called Third party payroll. In this type of hiring, the company which hires you provides you the salary not directly but through your hosting company. The employee physically sits inside the hosting company’s office but does work for their employer company.


So what are the perks for this kind of arrangement?

Some of the advantages include of this type of hiring system is that employees get opportunities to work with a reputed and experienced organization. Since they are able to learn new technologies, or programs and skills on a bigger platform it increases their chance of growth and builds up their talent therefore increasing the employer company’s revenue.  

Employers who don’t have the time to take care of administration procedures because they need to concentrate on the core business will find this kind of arrangement to be a perfect match!

Recruiting, hiring, training and other HR functions as well as the guidance and supervision for employer company’s employees is all done by the hosting company. This makes handling employees a breeze and especially cuts down time and money expenditure! 

The years of experience and valuable expertise that the hosting company has are another great advantage of this type of hiring system. Rest assured employers can rely on this professional support, to offer quality guidance and welfare benefits to their employees.

Implementing a modern hiring system like this one could be a step up for your organization. If you are interested in availing this service but don’t know any companies that offer it, you’re in luck, because Zee Web Valley can offer to you our services! So climb onboard and let’s be successful together! 


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