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15 Dec 2017
Microsoft Introduces AI and Enhances Bing, Cortana, and Office 365 with New Features.

Microsoft is seriously building them up to reach the highest heights as was showcased in a Microsoft event held in San Francisco a few days back. Incorporating AI into search engines like Bing and Cortana and others, in order to boost user experience by making ‘intelligent answers’ to questions or statements made by users.

The idea behind this is to make sure, in these times when the internet is the most used knowledge source, that users may be able to find specific relevant and properly answered information.

In Bing new features include having more than one perspective in answers that means providing two or more separate perspectives to the one question asked. Microsoft’s website tells users that with Bing they want to provide the best results from the overall web. Forming an alliance with Reddit for their conversations and communities with which they plan to use opinions from this source as results when appropriate. The CEO of Reddit thinks that together they could “actually handle complicated, nuanced questions.”


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