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for an Alternative Workplace!

Zee Web Valley offers various organizations an alternative workplace for their employees. This does not mean that merely a space is provided for your employees, but everything from facilities to supervision and guidance from our senior members.

Since Zee Web Valley has expertise in the IT domain we want to offer services to companies that are looking for not just a workspace but guidance, supervision as well as a team of employees that share their domain with employees from your company.

Which job positions are eligible for this service?

Staying in the Web development domain and with several years experience in the same, the following positions can be hired and managed as per your company’s requirements.

  • • Web and Graphic Designers
  • • PHP Developers
  • • Android Developers
  • • Content Writers
  • • SEO and SMO Digital Marketing Executives

Here, at Zee Web Valley you can ensure that your employees will be in an ideal office environment, complete with its facilities and electronic requirements like computer systems.

What are the actual steps for this process?
  • 1) We hire any of the IT professionals mentioned above for your company. We give them in-house seating workspace as well as devices- computers, etc as required.
  • 2) You send them work requirements and deadlines. We help supervise them and offer them an effective working environment.
  • 3) They send their work reports to you and we simultaneously send you overview supervision and Work Analysis reports concerning them.
  • 4) We will place them on our payroll and handle all other HR and management processes, of course in complete co-operation with you.

In this way we help you eliminate all the tiring processes you would normally have to go through to hire & manage personnel and you are left simply with the work which you require, for which you are paying the employee.

If you are interested or want more information about this service please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
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